Welcome to the second issue of the Human Communication and Technology Division newsletter. We heard your request for more communication; we are planning additional issues in August and November. 

In this issue you will find an update on the convention program from the Vice Chairs of Programming, Ulla Bunz and Nanette Hogg. Star Muir has an interesting proposal which may garnish interesting dialogue among our members.  You will find links to recent research in our field, as well as announcements of publications and job promotions. Davis Foulger has collected and posted interesting developments relating to HCT on the HCTD wiki.  Davis is also our first contributor to our “Food for Thought” column.

Do you have an item you would like to see in the newsletter? An article to share?  Please send it to one of us and we’ll put it in the next Newsletter.

The deadline for the next newsletter, by the way, is July 22.

Rodney Marshall and Shannon Vanhorn, Vice Chairs, Publication