Greetings and welcome to the HCTD newsletter.  We, Shannon VanHorn and Rodney Marshall, the Co-Vice Chairs of Publications, are striving to provide even more communication to the members of the Human Communication and Technology Division of NCA.  We are increasing our number of editions this year to five.


Some of the information in the articles will stay the same.  For example, the Call for the NCA 2007 Convention in Chicago is out.  This break may be the perfect time to polish a paper and submit it.   Plus, we have information from the 2006 Convention in San Antonio .  Check out the pictures of the top paper winners or the minutes of the HCTD meeting.  


We are also introducing new features.   For example, we have a section entitled “Technology Trends.”  We are searching to find the latest trends and ideas relating to technology and providing synopses and links for you, the reader.


Plus, we need your help!  We would like to publish announcements and posts of job openings, conferences, publications… And we would like your feedback on other areas you would like to see in these newsletters. 


The HCTD is your division.  It’s a strong division that can only be made stronger though communication.  We hope you find this newsletter informative and engaging.


Shannon and Rodney, Co-Vice Chairs, Publications