This is the fourth edition of the HCTD Newsletter, the Convention Issue.  In this issue, you will find more information on the exciting panel, “Conversations with Leading Scholars:  The Past, Present, and Future Research on Human Communication and Technology—Part I, coordinated by the HCTD Co-Chairs, Scott D’Urso and Yun Xia. You will find Announcements detailing what news about your colleagues.

In addition, you will find the listing of all HCTD-sponsored panels, including participants, rooms, and times, as well as a print out list that you can easily bring with you to the convention. 

We encourage you to support these panels.  Membership and attendance of panels helps determine how many open “slots” or panels we are allowed at future conventions.  Plus, we learn from each other through engaging scholarly discourse.

This is our, Rodney and Shannon’s, last newsletter as we move on to Co Vice-Chairs, Planning.   We heard the call at the 2006 Division meeting to increase the communication of the division.  We hope that you have enjoyed the newsletters and  have found them useful. And we thank all of you who sent us articles and ideas.

Do you have any suggestions to strengthen this newsletter?  Any ideas on further components that could be added? HCTD’s new Co-Vice Chairs, Publication, will be at our business meeting on Saturday, November 17 at 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. in the Chicago Hilton Marquette Room.  Please bring your suggestions to Kris Markman and John Howard at this meeting.