Welcome to the
Human Communication & Technology Division - Fall 2006

Welcome to the Human Communication and Technology Division (HCTD) of the National Communication Association (NCA). As a tradition, we send a newsletter to our members before the Convention of the National Communication Association in each fall. In this issue of newsletter, you will read the letter from our co-chairs highlighting the HCTD program and reviewing the development of the Division. You can also have an opportunity to preview the details of the HCTD panels in the convention. Of course, you can always find our call and contact information for joining HCTD.










Please Join Us in San Antonio
November 16 - 19, 2006

HCTD continues to "Create Sites for Connection and Action" this year in San Antonio with 20 panels and presentations scheduled. As technology expends to touch every area in communication, HCTD continues to promote excellence in research and teaching in the discipline, as well as the society, world-wide. At this year's convention, the HCTD program offers a wide range of presentations, from on-line communities, the use of information to mobile devices or video or blogs. Be sure to join us for the Business meeting:

Human Communication and Technology
Division Business Meeting
Time: Saturday Nov. 18 - 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Place: Convention Center, Room 217 C

Since HCTD's initiation in 1998, the membership of HCTD grew to over 500 members in the past year. For the convention, we officially have 492 members. We invite all members to join us and get involved.

We hope you will enjoy this edition of our newsletter and we look forward to welcoming you to San Antonio in November.

Ulla Bunz and Nanette Hogg
Co-Vice Chairs, Publication