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This site was originally created by Diane Witmer, one of the first officers of the Human Communication Technology Commission. It was housed at Cal State Fullerton (http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/dwitmer/NCA/HCandT.html).

The site has since moved to SUNY Oswego (http://www.oswego.edu/~dfoulger/hctd), where it is maintained by Davis Foulger.

Because of the way divisions operate in academic professional associations, it is likely that it will move again. Indeed, a move is effectively inevitable sometime later this year (we just don't know where it will wind up yet).

Address stability matters to creating bookmarks, however. HCTD has obtained a domain name to ensure that stability. You should always be able to find this web site through the URL http://www.hctd.org.

We are using the hctd.org domain to create other stable addresses as well:

These addresses give HCTD an extended web site that can be situated at other locations. It can be expected that additional stable HCTD associated Internet addresses will be created as we offer our members new services online. The highest current priority is creation of a new on-line discussion list for the division.

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January 28, 2003